What happened to manchaster united?

Being one of the greatest football clubs of all time, the club known for its deadly comebacks, terrific counter attacking play and being regarded as the best club in England what has happened to Manchester United?


After winning the league in the 2011-2012 season and the retirement of the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United have crumbled and have become a joke in the footballing world. Since Sir Alex and David Gill left the club in 2013 things have pulverized and just seem to get worse every season.

Winning 5 league titles in the last 6 seasons with Sir Alex incharge, what could possibly go wrong with a team that had made winning a way of life?

  1. Not Trusting The Managers – Many believe that David Moyes was never a good enough choice to succeed Sir Alex, but was he given adequate time? The answer is No. He was sacked 10 months into a 6 year contract. So was Van gaal and so was Jose Mourinho. Even the ex Manchester United player and a club legend Wayne Rooney believes that van Gaal should have been given time and that he was left devastated by Manchester United’s decision to sack him in 2016 and declared they would’ve been much stronger had he remained in charge. Fun Fact : Ferguson’s first piece of silverware as United boss came four years into his tenure in 1990, when the club won the FA Cup.



  1. Blunders in The Transfer Market – From signing Marouane Fellaini, Morgan Schneiderlin, Henrikh Mkhitariyan, Radamel Falcao and Alexis Sanchez being the latest golden bench warmer for Manchester United, the strategies for the transfer market has mostly backfired for the club. Letting go of players like Memphis Depay, Javier Hernandez, Angel Di Maria and Romelu Lukaku who are currently performing unbelievably well for their respective clubs have also indicated the lack of team as well as player management abilities by the staff and the major blame for these backfires can be directly handed over to the Chief Executive of the Club – Mr. Ed Woodward!


  1. Shudder of The Core – Ferguson had not left the team in the most amazing shape, regardless of an extraordinary finishing up season. Take a gander at the vital players in that crusade: Evra, Ferdinand, Rooney, Giggs and Vidic ‒ all approaching thirty at the time that Ferguson left. This implied that Moyes strolled into the work for certain players over their prime, joined with the troublesome roll in from Everton, implied it was an extreme undertaking from the very beginning.


  1. The Glazers – The Glazer family have been the majority shareholders of the club since 2005, and they have never been well admired by the United fan base due to many reasons.Despite the fact that the club was winning trophies in this period until Sir Alex retired, it could well be contended that this was simply down to his virtuoso. Without a doubt, having made it to the Champions League Final in 2009, United offered Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for over €80 million and in return he was replaced with Antonio Valencia from Wigan, Michael Owen on a free and Gabriel Obertan from Bordeaux. The Glazers had never really supported Ferguson in this regard, and were only able to finish one point behind Chelsea just because of his strategies and administrative qualities. This implies that the brilliance of Sir Alex was as it were “hiding the faults” in his last couple of seasons at the club, and maybe clarifies why when he left, United were constantly bound to fall. The Glazers have additionally committed errors with signing players post Sir Alex’s retirement. Money has been burned through everywhere, except what number of the signings have been a success?

Manchester United are not performing poorly as a club but as to what people expect from them and a club with such an extraordinary history. It has been seven and a half years since Manchester United won the Premier League and who knows, maybe United could seriously challenge for the Premier League this season with the position they are in. They have a huge fan base globally, the biggest capacity club stadium in England and one of the highest earning clubs in the world. This is just an average phase going on for the club, they will win the Premier League title again, and almost certainly, they will win the Champions League again as well. Although this may not occur soon, they’re definitely a massive club to fail.