TOP 10 Highest Paid Premier League Players

The Premier League. With its plenitude of stars and the extraordinary groups that there are in
the English game, is the EPL the most serious association on the planet? Nowadays, the two
generally conspicuous and most alluring associations are La Liga in Spain and the EPL. In any
case, this article isn’t about which group is the awesome, which is the most engaging, but
instead how much the Premier League stars earn per-week.
Kevin De Bruyne has marked another agreement at Manchester City that will keep him at the
club until 2025 worth £350,000-per-week. Let us look at the top 10 highest paid players in the
Premier League.

Fernandes has been apparently the best part in the Premier League this season however he
procures not exactly once in a while seen United colleague, Mata. Bruno Fernandes does not
even make the list here!
Virgil van Dijk has been harmed for most of this season however he’s the best safeguard on the
planet when accessible. He presumably merits more cash than what he is acquiring.
It’s astounding that Kane procures ‘just’ £200,000-per-week. He has the right to procure more
given his heroics for a poor Tottenham side in the last couple of seasons.
Thiago has battled in his first season in the Premier League this season and has not shown
why he’s being paid £200,000-per-week.

10. Edinson Cavani | £210,000-per-week
Cavani acquires more than Kane?! How has that occurred? The real question is why he’s being
paid £250,000-per-week, having scored only multiple times for United this season.
9. Sergio Aguero | £230,135-per-week
Sergio Aguero has been a long term player for Man City and was part of the winning goal
against QPR in 2012 which led to Man City being the Premier League Champions for the very
first time.
=6. Anthony Martial | £250,000-per-week
Martial being the wonder kid he was once earns around £250,000-per-week. He hasn’t been in
such great form this season but many believe he is the future. Anthony Martial is nearly out for
the entire season with a knee injury he picked up during the International friendlies while
playing for France.
=6. Thomas Partey | £250,000-per-week

Thomas Partey has experienced various wounds in his first Arsenal crusade, while
Aubameyang’s exhibitions have declined since marking his £250,000-per-week contract last
=6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang | £250,000-per-week
5. Paul Pogba | £290,000-per-week
4. Raheem Sterling | £300,000-per-week
3. Kevin De Bruyne | £350,000-per-week
De Bruyne’s £350,000-per-week makes him City’s most generously compensated player,
£50,000-per-week clear of Sterling. It isn’t sufficient to make him the most generously
compensated part in the Premier League, however.
2. David De Gea | £375,000-per-week
1. Gareth Bale | £600,000-per-week
De Gea is on somewhat more, while Bale procures an eye watering £600,000-per-week.
Be that as it may, with De Gea set to leave United and Bale expected to get back to Real Madrid
this mid year, De Bruyne could well take the best position come the beginning of the 2021/22